"Every business needs an IT wizard...look no further Russell is your man! Russell has always responded in a positive way to all of the challenges we have presented to him, and has resolved a number of software issues and recommended excellent solutions which have really helped. I am very happy to recommend his services."
— Jan Jones, was Russell's client

"Russell did a short piece of work for me, fixing a slow and poorly performing PC. He used his knowledge and experience to good effect to identify problems and fix them. He also went the extra mile to obtain spare parts to complete the job. Thoroughly recommended."
— Andy Offer, was Russell's client

"Russell is a superlative IT consultant. He has performed an outstanding job on our IT systems and everything is now running like a dream. The few hours with Russell - at an outrageously low cost to us - has saved us a small fortune in both time and unnecessary software purchases. I have absolutely no problem in recommending Russell - he is deligent and responsive and genuinely wants to help. He is passionate and knowledgeable about his subject. It is refreshing to find a supplier who wants to give more than he takes."
— Katy Draper Chartered Marketer, was Russell's client

"I'm one of globaldialysis's most ardent fans and users. With the help of the directory and forums I have visited 32 countries in the 20 years I've used hemodialysis, dialyzing in 21. I'm in awe of Russell's dedication to helping people with CKD live the lives they were meant to live."
— Bill Peckham, Publisher, editor, writer, Dialysis from the Sharp End of the Needle, was with another company when working with Russell at Global Dialysis

"Russ and I were both trustees at Birmingham Christmas Shelter. Russ was in charge of the charity's IT on a shoestring budget (zero!) and managed to produce us a professional, efficient website, central repository for working documents and email management system. He works honestly, tirelessly and is always learning about and sharing latest technology ideas. Some would call him a geek ... but not me ;o)"
— Pauline Davey, Office Manager, Investbx Limited, worked directly with Russell at Birmingham Christmas Shelter

"Russell is one of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure of working with during my career. Not only is he a very talented developer, he has the fundamental analysis skills to identify and provide the best solution to business problems. During my time at Birmingham City Council I worked with Russell on a number of large scale, high profile IT projects where he provided both development and consulting services. All of the projects were delivered in his professional style, on-time and effortlessly. The success of one of these projects was even reported in the computer trade-press at the time, which showcased his ability to deliver successful development projects even in politically challenging environments. Russ has a deep level understanding of ICT at all levels and has the mind set to resolve complex issues when required. I would have no hesitation in recommending Russell as I am sure he would be a major asset to your ICT team."
— And Withers, PFE, Microsoft, worked directly with Russell at Birmingham Housing Department

"I found Russell's key strength to be his ability to innovate through clever use of some of the latest technologies and also his ability to work well and get on with people in all areas of the business."
— Alan Corrie, Project Manager, Metsys Systems Ltd, managed Russell at Metsys Systems

"Russell is one of the most talented developers I have ever known. Having written so many systems he has a huge amount of commercial experience. He did a fantastic job on Metspex for me he has gone on to create many different systems in different languages on different platforms. He is a naturally gifted technician. He is also one of the most likable people I’ve met and is an extremely sociable, people person naturally fitting into any team."
— Andy Chance-Hill, Development Manager, Metsys Systems Ltd, managed Russell at Metsys Systems