Thursday, 5 July 2012

Reset windows password

Had a friend who forgot her Windows 7 password....

Straight away I tried ophcrack - installed to a usb stick via unetbootin.

Unfortutately it wasn't able to crack the password...

So I tried pogostick which will remove the password. Just download the lastest usb??????.zip and extract to a usb stick. This worked! But there is a caveat, it will lose any encrypted files.

Note: to use the usb stick, switch off your windows computer, insert the usb stick, then switch it on and follow the on screen instructions. If you get windows then you will need to change the boot order in your bios/cmos set up. To set up this up, you will need to press a key immediately after switching on - they key varies between manufacturers, usually it is F2.

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  1. Another good one is Hirens Boot cd ...I think its about verson 15 now , you download the image and burn a bootable CD and there are lots of tools one of which is password reset for Windows...Richard Randle