Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Easy peasy way to convert Microsoft DOCX to PDF in Linux

I use Linux, so have no need to use Microsoft Office - I either use Google Docs or OpenOffice.

But I often receive Microsoft documents from clients and colleagues.

Unfortunately, I've found that if I open a Microsoft Word (docx) file in OpenOffice, the formatting is wonky (technical term) - Often the images are excluded altogether...

Google Docs doesn't always cope with the formatting either...

So the easy peasy way is to sign into https://skydrive.live.com with a hotmail/live/msn account.

Upload and open the docx file, then go to the file->print option in SkyDrive (not the browser print option)

If you are using Chrome or Chromium, it will then bring up the printer options - there is an option to save as pdf

et viola!! I now have a readable version.

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