Friday, 20 April 2012

Move a recent git commit and work in progress to another branch

Thanks to @LukeCarrier !!

The Issue

I had already pushed the master and moved onto writing code for ticket 324. I did a commit on the master the night before then continued coding the next day.

I then wanted to move the code to a test branch and remove from the master.

The solution

git status
git stash
git status
git reset --soft HEAD^
git status
git log
git reflog
git checkout -b ticket324
git status
git stash list
git stash pop
git commit
git checkout master
git status

The git stash saved todays changes. The git reset -- soft HEAD^ reverted the commit I made the previous night.

I then created a new branch with git checkout -b ticket324.

The restored the changes saved in the stash with git stash pop.

Then did a git commit to save my changes the the branch ticket324.

And then double checked the master branch to make sure the changes had been removed.

Friday, 13 April 2012

Geeko Sapiens...

Monday, 9 April 2012

How to delete a Draw Something account

Like most people, I installed the free version of Draw Something then upgraded to stop the annoying adverts.

But the paid version wouldn't let me use the same username.

The work around is to open the free version with your existing username - click the cog in the top right corner, click account and change the user name to something else - then go into the paid version and change the username to the one you had in the free version. You'll have to do the same with the email too.

It doesn't transfer your games unfortunately.