Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Transferring large files on FAT32

Just encountered a problem today. Trying to copy a 4.2gb file onto a USB portable drive.

In Linux I got the error message "error splicing file: file too large"

Turns out that most USB portable drives are formatted as FAT32 which has a limit of 4gb per file. Never knew that...

All is not lost though, there is a terminal command called "split". I simply opened a terminal and entered

split -b 2000m mybigfile.ext myprefix

This created 3 files called myprefixaa, myprefixab, myprefixac - the first 2 were 2gb each, the last one was about 200mb. The -b 2000m switch simply says split into 2000m files, which is 2gb.

Once copied, you can reverse the split by using "cat" - This will join or concatenate the files together.

cat myprefixaa myprefixab myprefixac > mybigfile.ext

Thats it...

Friday, 9 December 2011


Let me google that for you...