Friday, 21 January 2011

Installing Tomcat on Ubuntu

Tomcat is used for deploying webapps with JSP and Java.

I tried sudo apt-get install from a terminal which installed very quickly. Yey!

But it seems to put the files all over the place. Which meant installing and configuring was a pain. Doh!

So I removed it and used this really simple and far easier way to manually install it:

  1. Download Tomcat 6 from to your Downloads folder.
  2. Unzip into a folder of your choice. Ubuntu used /usr/share/tomcat6 for the install above, so I'll stick with that.
    sudo mkdir /usr/share/tomcat6
    sudo tar -zxvf /home/Downloads/apache-tomcat-6.0.30.tar.gz /usr/share/tomcat6
  3. The extract will create a folder /usr/share/tomcat6/apache-tomcat-6.0.30.tar.gz so run gksudo nautilus and then move the files and folders into /usr/share/tomcat6
  4. Then start or stop tomcat with sudo bash /usr/share/tomcat6/bin/startup.shsudo bash /usr/share/tomcat6/bin/

  5. Then just go to http://localhost:8080 for instructions

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